Sunday, January 30, 2011


I finished my fast last week and already have had some pretty incredible things happen.  2 prayers  - 1 answered, 1 seemingly close to being answered in one week.  Incredible!  This past week, eating has been a challenge.  All of a sudden there were no restrictions and I felt lost.  I made a few bad choices and realized I missed being on the fast.  The structure was really good for me.  I decided to continue fasting, Monday through Saturday and take Sundays off, for an indefinite amount of time.  You may see a different sort of recipes in the coming months, focusing on natural healthy ingredients.  And maybe a few Sunday funday recipes too.

My husband and I have lived in our house for a little over 2 years now.  We never heard of random city inspections or yard ordinances, until it happened to us.  We have a giant carport in the backyard, and who knew (?) we weren't allowed to have a "needs a little work" car under the CARport?  

When we first moved in, the insurance company told us we had to remove all the branches on half of a tree that was too close to the house.  My daring fearless hub just climbed up that tree like a monkey and chopped the branches down himself, threw them to the ground...and left them there.  I stayed far away because it looked like a snake pit to me..weeds and these long thorny vines grew up and around and entangled in the mess.

Along comes Mr. City Inspector..he couldn't see into the backyard from the front of the house so they went through the forest behind our house to peer into our yard and send us a nastygram - fix it or face a large fine.  And when I say nastygram, sheesh, these people made me feel like the biggest dirtiest slob on the planet, and I assure you, I clean the house often, we are not dirty people! 

Yesterday while hubs cleaned out the carport and garage, I was busy with the forgotten branch pile of thorns.  Please observe:

The pile:

And the pricklies:

It's HARD to get rid of those things!  Their roots are as long as a stinkin TREE for crying out loud - which I did because those thorns would attach themselves to my wrist and grab hold at an angle, so I would have to drop the rest that were in my hands, gently remove the hook from my wrist and try not to cry.  Today my wrists look as though I am a cutter..they are tore up.

6 hours of hard labor -- thank goodness the weather was perfect for weed pulling -- I finally had the pile cleaned.  We ended the day, exhausted and completely sore, by taking a much needed dinner and a movie date.  Mozzarella sticks, caesar salad, pasta primavera, and Jason Statham for dessert.  Yummm.

Have a great Sunday!  1 week until the Superbowl, I don't care for either team (Packers knocked out my Bears, Steelers knocked out hubs Jets) so I'll be watching for the commercials and half time show this year...and of course enjoying lots of superbowl food!  I'll be perusing the blog world for some fabulous football food today.  I'll post later on what I find.

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