Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is what I tell myself when I go out to where I know temptation will be..I get the song going in my head, a lil Black Sabbath guitar, then! And then visually in my head will put on my armor, total RDJ style, and declare myself immune to the temptation.  Yesterday it came in the form of a trip to walmart.  McDonald's assaults your nose the second you walk in, and who can resist those french fries?  Not me, but me as Iron Man..

Today is day 11 of my Daniel fast.  This morning when I woke up, I had a great sense of peace that I haven't had in a long time.  My mind was just calm.  I felt happy even though it was 4:45am and I was awake.  (Can you imagine such a thing?!) 

Now it's afternoon and I'm struggling ever so slightly, it's that know the time when a girl needs chocolate in the worst way?  Luckily I have been doing a lot of reading and researching, learning as I go, about this fast.  I know this is bigger than me so I'm putting on my iron man armor to it.  "The flesh" refers to our souls, the part of us that experiences feelings like cravings.  After 11 days I feel that I've reigned in the ol bag o flesh and my spirit has taken over.  11 days is too far to go back to square 1, I am in it for the duration, and my spirit feels happy.

During the Daniel Fast, we want to put our spirit in charge of the other two parts of us. When our flesh is acting out with a craving, we take control of it with our spirit (just as a parent takes control of a rebellious child).
Darn you, rebellious child and your chocolate cravings!  Ugh!  You're grounded!

I'll have to admit, when I started this, I was a little unsure of how the food would go, what with no sugar, processed food, meat or dairy..  I thought it would require a lot of planning and preparing food in advance.  It really hasn't been that bad though.  My favorite has been getting a bag of stir fry veggies, steaming them in the microwave, and then there's little one cup portions of brown rice that you can heat in the microwave too.  I nuke it up, then stir fry them up. I add zucchini and onion to it, and a little soy sauce.  So good!  Yesterday I made some sweet potato black bean burritos.  There were a little time consuming to make but very good - I'll post the recipe soon.

I picked these pictures for no other reason than because I found them peaceful.  I would love to sit on this pier and do nothing at all but think and meditate.  It's beautiful!  I found all pictures at


  1. The Daniel Fast would turn me into the worst possible version of myself that I can imagine. You MUST be iron man!

    I was doing so well eating right and exercising daily when Hawaii was on my horizon. But now it's in the rearview mirror, and the holidays happened, and I've LOST that will altogether. (To make matters worse, my period is about to start, and chocolate is ALL I can think of.)

    This probably isn't helping you. Sorry.

    What I really wanted to say is that I'm stealing this idea from you: whenever temptation comes a-knocking (every waking moment of my life, lately), I'll play this song in my head. Thank you, thank you!

  2. When I said "The Daniel Fast would turn me into the worst possible version of me," I meant I turn into a major crank...